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We want to able to sit with our guests and listen to them with empathy and compassion and without judgement and allow them to be the experts in their own lives and design their own recovery

Inner West

Open every Friday and Saturday 5 30-8 30pm

The Little BIG House,

16 Flourmill Way, Summer Hill

Volunteers should have a lived experience of suicidality and/or mental distress -- either from their own lives or supporting someone in a carer capacity

We are also looking for people who are supporters of people in distress. Who can naturally hold the space without judgement


At our Safe Space, we prioritize providing a safe and supportive environment for those in distress. Our team is dedicated to listening without judgment and offering empathy and compassion based on our own lived experiences. We strive to meet the unique needs of each guest and provide the support they need to feel heard and understood.

Upcoming Events

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